Best Daily Fantasy Basketball Site

Best Fantasy Basketball Sites

Daily Fantasy BasketballIf you Google the term best fantasy basketball sites you will probably get answers like ESPN, CBS Sports or but if you are looking for the Best Daily Fantasy Basketball Sites you should be focussed on the two biggest DFS basketball sites (and our affiliate partners) – FanDuel and DraftKings.

Why are DraftKings and FanDuel the Best Fantasy Basketball Sites?

Yes playing at or ESPN or CBS or even Yahoo are great for season long fantasy basketball leagues but ultimately you are only going to be playing against your friends for a few extra dollars. You can enter some of their free fantasy basketball contests but then you are playing against millions upon millions of other players and unless you create the prefect basketball lineups you aren’t going to sniff the top of the leaderboard.

Unless you lived under a rock, FanDuel and DraftKings are the next generation of fantasy basketball giving out MILLIONS of dollars each NBA season and you can play against a lot less competition and win a hell of a lot more money at either of the two best daily fantasy basketball sites.

Are DraftKings and FanDuel Legal?

So the reason you may have heard about DraftKings and FanDuel is because they were deemed illegal a couple of years ago by individual states even though the federal government had made all fantasy sports legal. After a year of courtroom battles and new regulations most states have created new legislation that has made daily fantasy sports legal once again. There are some states that still don’t permit playing daily fantasy sports but the majority now do and many more are joining the right path.

Why is DraftKings the Best Fantasy Basketball Site?

- Freeroll contests for thousands of dollars

- Free Fantasy Basketball Contest when you just join DraftKings and make a deposit of $5 or more

- Huge player base to play head to head against or create a small league and play against friends or complete strangers

- Two types of fantasy basketball games: Salary Cap and Pick’em

- The BIGGEST prize contest for all of Fantasy Basketball – 2017 the DraftKings FBWC (Fantasy Basketball World Championship was $4 Million with a 1st place prize of $1 Million.

Why is FanDuel the Best Fantasy Basketball Site?

- Free fantasy basketball contests offered for cash prizes occasionally

- Tons of free games to play just for fun

- Free fantasy contest bonus offer when you join FanDuel and make your 1st deposit

- Partners with more than half of NBA teams and includes a partnership with the NBA itself which has an equity stake in FanDuel.

- One of the BIGGEST NBA fantasy basketball contests - 2017 FanDuel FWFBBC (FanDuel World Fantasy Basketball Championship) was $2 Million with a 1st place winner walking home with $300,000.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t waste your time playing in contests put on at ESPN, Yahoo, CBS or that run all season long and have no hope in winning. Join our affiliate partner DraftKings using links on this page and take advantage of our FREE Contest ticket offer when you make your first deposit of $5 or more. When you’re done that, don’t forget our FanDuel Bonus offer of a Free Fantasy Contest also when you make your first deposit using our exclusive partner links.

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