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2012 - 2013 NBA PREVIEW:
Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Guards

When it comes to NBA fantasy basketball, guards have the ball in their hand the bulk of the game, especially the point guards, and this makes them hugely important in fantasy drafts. Below we take a look at the Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Guards in the NBA for the 2012-2013 season. Our rankings are based on everything ranging from points, assists, rebounds, steals, and much more.

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Los Angeles Clippers LogoChris Paul (PG - Los Angeles Clippers)

What is there to say about Chris Paul? This is a player who the entire offense of the Clippers runs through, and he's constantly going to be putting up some ridiculous fantasy stat lines. Paul is one of the best players in the world today, and he's a double-double or triple-double machine, and I think that 2012-2013 could be one of the best year's of his entire career - he'll lead this Clippers team to a deep run.

Brooklyn Nets LogoDeron Williams (PG - Brooklyn Nets)

Some people may feel that Williams is going to lose a bit of his production with the Brooklyn Nets revamped offense. This won't be the case though, as Williams is the focal point of this team and this offense. He's going to be putting up huge fantasy numbers scoring, and has a reliable offense around him that will lead to him being able to get quite a few assists as well.

Cleveland Cavaliers LogoKyrie Irving (PG - Cleveland Cavaliers)

Irving suffered an injury last year so he missed a good bit of time at the end of the season. This makes his stats appear not as productive, but Irving has the potential to be one of the most dominant guards in the entire NBA. The Cavaliers are going to be much improved this year and I think they may surprise a few people in pushing for a playoff spot. Watch for Irving to be the key in this run.

Boston Celtics LogoRajon Rondo (PG - Boston Celtics)

Remember when it seemed like Rondo was going to take over from the big three in the Boston? Well it finally started last year, and it's going to continue in 2012-2013. Rondo could be massive this year, and by massive I mean that he could single handedly be the reason why the Celtics get back to the postseason, because he's that good. You should consider him as a top fantasy guard.

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoRussell Westbrook (PG - Oklahoma City Thunder)

Westbrook has the potential to go off for 30 or 40 points, or to dish out 15 assists if he wants to. As he matures, he's going to continue to improve and take better shots. With the talent that Oklahoma City has, Westbrook is going to have to keep playing smart to help his team, and I think that he's going to slowly continue to learn that. He'll be a great pick-up as your guard in your fantasy draft.

Golden State Warriors LogoStephen Curry (PG - Golden State Warriors)

Stephen Curry has had a rough going with his ankle injuries, but I'm expecting him to turn it around. He's had a good amount of time to heal up and get ready to roll. When Curry is at full strength he's one of the best scorers in the NBA, and he's going to be dishing out a good number of assists this year. I also think that Curry may fall a bit in terms of his fantasy draft stock, so you could get a real sleeper here.

Denver Nuggets LogoTy Lawson (PG - Denver Nuggets)

Ty Lawson showed us what he can do at the end of last season. Lawson has been up and down a bit over the first few years of his career, but this year has the potential to be a huge breakout season for Lawson. He's going to be a huge part of the Denver Nuggets offense, and I'm liking the potential for him to be able to put up some big fantasy stat lines in quite a few games.

Los Angeles Lakers LogoKobe Bryant (SG - Los Angeles Lakers)

Should you ever bet against Kobe Bryant? I'm not. Bryant still has a whole lot of talent, and is going to show that this team is still his and that he can still play at a very high level. It's been stated multiple times that Bryant feels he has a few good years left, and he's going to be out for that championship this year, thanks to the massive amount of talent around him. He is a fantasy stud.

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoJames Harden (SG - Oklahoma City Thunder)

Yes, a 6th man made the top 10 fantasy guards list. This isn't any typical sixth man though, because James Harden has the potential to take over a game from off the Oklahoma City Thunder bench. I love Harden's overall skill and I think that he's going to be a big part of the offense and will get the most minutes per game throughout his young career to this point.

Phoenix Suns LogoGoran Dragic (PG - Phoenix Suns)

Dragic was excellent last year when Kyle Lowry went down with an injury for the Houston Rockets. He got a nice contract for that and is now with the Phoenix Suns replacing the popular Steve Nash. While he's not quite Nash, I think that he's going to do a great job leading this Suns team, and he's going to be an absolutely stellar fantasy option who you could get for a decent price as well.

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