Top Guards 2015-2016 NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball

2015 - 2016 NBA Season
Top 10 Daily Fantasy Basketball Guards

Stephen Curry Top Daily Fantasy Basketball GuardSome of the priciest daily fantasy basketball players for your FanDuel lineup are guards. They can score in bunches, fill up assists and pick up steals and rebounds – If you are going to build a DFS lineup you will be looking to build using a Top NBA Fantasy Guard as well as a Top Forward.

Below is our list of the Top 2015/2016 Guards for your fantasy basketball lineups for DFS contests to play in either cash games or the HUGE GPP’s offered by FanDuel. Last year FanDuel’s World Fantasy Basketball Championship (WFBBC) saw a Prize Pool of $1 Million and we will soon find out the details for what the 2016 Contest will be.


Everyone else is playing fantasy basketball at FanDuel – Why aren’t you!

2015/2016 Top Fantasy Basketball Guards

Golden State Warriors1. Stephen Curry (PG - Golden State warriors)

Curry is money every night – he also costs a lot of money at FanDuel so if you pick him for your DFS lineup you better have some Sleepers that night too!

Houston Rockets Logo2. James Harden (SG - Houston Rockets)

Harden can fill up a stat sheet every night he plays so building a lineup around him is never a bad idea.

Los Angeles Clippers Logo3. Chris Paul (PG - Los Angeles Clippers))

Points, Assists, Steals and 3’s – Paul does it all for you. Rarely a bad choice when spending salary cap money on him.

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo4. Russell Westbrook (PG - Oklahoma City Thunder)

Had an MVP type season last year but he was without KD so his points will go down a bit but all the other numbers remain solid.

Portland Trailblazers Logo5. Damian Lillard (PG - Portland Trailblazers)

Look for Lillard to be the go to guy for the Trailblazers. He will fill up the stat sheet every night with a young team around him.

Washington Wizards Logo6. John Wall (PG - Washington Wizards)

The general of the Wizards offense, look for Wall to again flirt with double-doubles every night in points and assists

Toronto Raptors Logo7. Kyle Lowry (PG - Toronto raptors)

Was an MVP candidate the 1st half of last year and then tailed off. He can take over a game with assists, points rebounds and steals

Chicago Bulls Logo8. Derrick Rose (PG - Chicago Bulls)

When healthy, Rose is one of the best guards in the NBA. Injuries are a factor – just not if you play daily fantasy basketball!

Phoenix Suns Logo9. Eric Bledsoe (PG - Phoenix Suns)

Bledsoe is the main man in Phoenix and will get you daily fantasy points with his scoring, assists, rebounds and steals

Dallas Mavericks Logo10. Deron Williams (PG - Dallas Mavericks)

Williams gets a fresh start in Dallas and will look to build a rapport with Dirk to get his fantasy basketball points nightly.

Note - Kyrie Irving, CLE, PG will miss time to start the season, when he returns he will be a great nightly option for your FanDuel daily fantasy basketball lineup.

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