Daily Fantasy Basketball Easier to Win Money vs. Football and Baseball

Why Daily Fantasy Basketball Is Easier To Make Money At Than Football & Baseball

Fantasy Basketball Money BagsIn daily fantasy sports there are many different options out there to choose from, including the popular daily fantasy football and daily fantasy baseball. The most popular question that comes up though is which out of all of these daily fantasy sports is the easiest game to make some serious money at? Many people have varying opinions on this situation, mainly because all of these games are very popular in their own right, but today we are going to explain playing daily fantasy basketball can be the easiest of them all to make money at. There are quite a few reasons for this, and we are going to break each one down a bit more in-depth below.

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Choosing Sleepers

In both football and baseball, you are going to find that choosing a sleeper can be a tough thing to do. In basketball, player’s points remain pretty much the same game in and game out. Where the Sleeper picks come in is when a player is an unexpected starter one night, or you follow a team enough to know that on back to back nights, certain players get extra minutes on the Basketball Money Ballsecond night. In fantasy football, sleepers can be easy to find because a starter gets injured and the backup will be a key part of the offense. Normally a site like FanDuel can’t adjust the salary cap price of the player in time so that player becomes a “Sleeper Pick” Unfortunately, everyone else knows about him so his ownership goes through the roof negating his value in your lineup. Fantasy Baseball sleeper picks are even rarer because not only is the player starting for an injured player, you now are speculating that he’ll also have a great day too.

In daily fantasy basketball you can find a player who may actually start that is fairly inexpensive, and could have a great match-up to put up big points. There are many more options in NBA basketball for players who end up being sleepers that are poised to have a big day, but in football and baseball you are pretty much set to a group of players that are likely going to be the bulk of the fantasy scoring for that night.

Not Always Needing the Studs

If you've ever played daily fantasy sports before, you'll know that paying the money for the studs in your lineup can be a bit brutal. Sometimes these players can cost about 15%-20% of your total salary cap for just the ONE player, and that puts quite a hurt on the rest of your fantasy lineup. It's tough Basketball Money Hoophaving to pay for those guys, but in sports like football and baseball it's something that you may end up needing to do in order to bring home a consistent profit. In Football, the QB is normally the big cost, in fantasy baseball the pitcher is by far the most expensive salary cap hit you’ll take. In daily fantasy basketball though, you can find a lot of good solid players in the average price range and create a balanced lineup that if 1 or 2 players put up really big numbers, you should have a shot at cashing in a big GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool). This strategy is best for either Head to Head games or 50/50 Cash Contests.

Many Ways to Earn Stats

Take a quarterback in the NFL for example. They can get passing yards, touchdowns, rushing yards, and touchdowns. If they have an off day, or their team has an off day, then you are pretty much done at that position. The same can be said for wide receivers and running backs as well. For baseball players you can get the different types of hits, and of course home runs, and a few stats like that, but nothing will compare to the amount of different ways that you can score points like in daily fantasy basketball. You not only get points from scoring baskets or free throws, but you can get a bonus for making a three pointer, you get points for rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc. What this really adds up to is the fact that if you have a mismatch inside of big men, you could get a fairly inexpensive big man who could dominate the boards and just get the bulk of his fantasy points for blocks and rebounds, and not even need to score much! Basketball players can score all 48 minutes on the court both during offensive and defensive possessions. Both baseball and football, your fantasy player sits on a bench for at least half the game.

Overall, if you are looking to really build a bankroll, playing daily fantasy basketball is simply the right decision to make. If you don’t have the time to research all the players and the angles for complex sports like fantasy football or baseball, then it will be much easier to make money playing daily fantasy NBA basketball. The money is there to be made each night, so just take the time and get the right angles!

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