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What Are The Types Of Daily Fantasy Basketball Games?

When we think of NBA Fantasy Basketball, we think of a chance to make lots of money while watching our favorite superstars play hoops.

There is no better way to make money playing fantasy NBA basketball then by playing new games every day with Daily Fantasy Basketball.

Why limit your options for fantasy basketball games to just your office pool, checking NBA box scores or playing in free online NBA fantasy basketball leagues against thousands of players for 1 crappy prize when the fun can continue every day playing Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball.


There are a great number of Daily Fantasy Basketball Sites for you to choose from allowing you to choose from a variety of types of daily fantasy basketball games to play, including:

Salary Cap Games (draft your team using an assigned salary amount)

Snake Drafts (pick players like a typical fantasy draft taking turns)

Solo or Target Games (try to score a certain number of points to win)

Head to Head Games (play against just 1 other poolie)

Pickā€™em or Box Pool Games (choose your players from groups of NBA stars)

Small Fantasy Leagues (3-20 players...like Sit N Gos in poker)

Large Fantasy Leagues (more than 20 players up to over 1000)

Basketball Stock Market Trading (buy and sell players - predict how they will do)

Private Fantasy Leagues (play with just your friends or acquaintances)

Some Daily Fantasy Basketball Sites offer week long tournaments, 2 day tournaments and even full season leagues for those still easing their way into playing NBA Fantasy Basketball.

The possibilities for your NBA Fantasy basketball needs are endless!

The two most popular Daily Fantasy Basketball sites are FanDuel and DraftKings but they only offer salary cap games. If you want a variety of types of daily fantasy basketball games to choose from, we recommend trying out these top daily fantasy basketball sites.



Try out different sites and games and see which ones you excel at and start your new career making money playing Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball games for real money!

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