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NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategies

When it comes to playing NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball, if you want to win consistently and make more money at a top site like, you need to employ some daily fantasy basketball strategies. You can't be a dominant force in the game just by picking the popular names in the NBA and hoping for the best.

Our winning tips below will help you pick a competitive and often dominant lineup every night when playing NBA fantasy basketball daily.

Know The Scoring System Of The Site You Are Playing At

Know The Scoring SystemAlthough most daily fantasy sports sites use very similar stat systems, daily fantasy sites that offer NBA basketball do occasionally differ in how they calculate their points. Most fantasy sites tally up totals for points, assists, steals, blocks and 3 pointers, but some sites also deduct fantasy points for such things as missed field goals, turnovers or missed free throws. These deductions are important when picking an NBA point guard who will have 12 assists but then have 6 turnovers. Know which sites have deductions and how that will affect the team you are looking to draft.

Understanding the point system is the most important key to winning at daily fantasy basketball.

Stacking Your Team To Win Loads of Cash

Stacking Fantasy Basketball MoneyWhen a team in the NBA "goes off", the fantasy players on that team "really go off"! What exactly does this mean? Almost every night in the NBA, at least 1 team has a great night where the starters just gel and go berserk... Playing at least 3 players from the same NBA team in your fantasy lineup is a great way to go big or go home when it comes to daily fantasy basketball scoring. If you are lucky enough to pick the right group of players or just even the right NBA team, you will collect hordes of points in the form of rebounds, assists and points because each player will just feed their teammates totals.

Don't be afraid to take 3-4 players at different positions from a single NBA team on any given night - just remember - pick the wrong team and your overall score will fall below average. This is a great tactic for large multi-player contests.

Play Head To Head Games

Play Head to Head GamesMore competition can mean more money, but that decreases your odds of winning. The smart fantasy NBA players grind out most of their money by playing head to head games. Head to head matchups will leave you with a better than 50 percent chance to win, because you will often have more knowledge than your opponent. Focus on creating and setting the best fantasy NBA lineup that night, but know that by playing head to head means you only need to beat 1 other fantasy player.

The idea is simple - you will make more consistent money playing head to head games.

Research Your Head To Head Opponents

Research Your OpponentsOver time, playing regularly at FanDuel, you will play against many of the same players head to head. In doing so, you should pay close attention to the players that they pick - take notes! Some fantasy players will keep playing the same stars over and over because they believe that specific players offer them a better chance to win. You can match them by picking similar players to negate the points that they may get with some slight diffeences, or you can alter your strategy by knowing who they will pick and where you may be able to take advantage of that knowledge. Like in poker, sometimes you play the man and not the hand.

Knowing who you play is a key daily fantasy basketball strategy.

Know Which NBA Teams Play A High Offensive Style

NBA Top OffensesSome NBA teams play no defense of any kind and simply try to outscore their opponents. Fantasy numbers from these teams are usually high and these teams should always be on your list when looking for potential NBA players to fill your daily fantasy lineup. Make a list of these teams and keep it handy, when you need that last player to complete your roster, chances are you’ll be able to find a player from one of those teams available or cheap enough to draft.

Knowing the top offensive NBA teams will help you choose the top scoring players for your roster.

Know When The NBA Schedule Offers You Opportunities

Check the NBA ScheduleTeams that are playing back to back games, coming home from a long road trip, crossing over too many time zones the night before or play 3 games in 4 nights – these are teams that are usually not going to play their best out on the court. Picking NBA players that are playing against these teams can benefit you in that a top scorer may get better scoring opportunities when the team is too tired to guard him. On the flipside, you should avoid picking players from these teams as they usually give a lackluster effort and will cause your fantasy team to suffer.

Paying attention to the NBA schedule is a key strategy to put you a step ahead of other players.

NBA Injuries Can Be Your Friend

Check the NBA Injury ReportWhen teams have injuries in the NBA, two things happen. First, if a good player gets injured on a team and isn’t going to play, it’s up to the rest of the team to step up. If you have 2 NBA stars on one team and one gets injured, the other star will usually take it upon themselves to try to win the game on their own. This usually results in an increase in points for that player who is trying to overcompensate with the loss of a teammate.

The second advantage of an injury is that a bench player who usually is the 6th man gets to step into the starting lineup and get extra minutes. If this 6th man is good, he could be a solid play that night. It also can have a domino effect as someone else has to step into that 6th man role that night and that player will be well off the radar for daily fantasy sites and will be a low cost against your salary cap.

Watch the injury reports that day and see what players are scheduled to step in and take advantage accordingly.


Using these daily fantasy basketball strategies at a site like will improve your chances and odds of beating your daily fantasy NBA opponents and help you build a bigger bankroll.

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