Why You Should Switch To DAILY Fantasy Basketball Instead Of Full Season Fantasy Basketball Leagues

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Why You Should Switch To DAILY Fantasy Basketball

If you've played in full season fantasy basketball leagues at any point in time, you probably understand the excitement that comes around when you are drafting your team, setting your lineups, and getting prepared for game day.

On the other side of things, however, if you have ever played Daily Fantasy Basketball, then you probably already realize by now that it is a completely different world of excitement. Not only do you get that same rush for setting your lineups and selecting your teams, but you get to choose a new team each day, and be able to base your decisions on the best matchups that each fantasy player has as well.

Best of all - You can win a Million Dollars or more for very little entry fee. In fact, Join DraftKings.com and use our link to get a FREE $3 entry ticket that you can use in a contest that can make you THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of Dollars!

While full season fantasy basketball is great fun and can involve great pride, making the switch from standard full season fantasy basketball to daily fantasy basketball is the right move to make, and we are going to explain why...


Lebron vs. DurantThe best part of playing Daily Fantasy Basketball is that you have the power to choose the best matchups for the players available on the draft list on each particular game day.

While most daily fantasy basketball owners are going to stick with the studs or the big name players night in and night out, some of the best angles that you'll be able to find will come from great matchups - this means that you can become incredibly profitable from making educational choices based on your basketball knowledge and the varying circumstances. For example, finding teams who give up the most points to specific positional players and then draft the players who fit those matchups will give you the best chance to score big points on that specific night. The result - you are increasing your chance at winning more money playing daily fantasy basketball.


Lebron James InjuredOften times when playing in full season fantasy basketball leagues, a key injury can ruin your entire season. Losing your first round pick or one or two of your high round draft picks can potentially doom your entire season in all honesty. These are the types of situations that can make you lose out on all chance of winning any money in your fantasy basketball league and this also saps all the fun out of your basketball season.

On the other hand, when playing daily fantasy basketball you'll still see some injuries hit your team here and there, but the pain only lasts for part of a single night. You will likely forget about this in less than 24 hours.

Winning Daily

Win Money DailyHaving the shot to bring in a pot while playing in a full season fantasy basketball league is always nice, but imagine being able to win cash night in and night out? Obviously, it's unlikely that you'll win every single night...but if you do your research and use the best angles when choosing players, there's a good chance that you can be incredibly profitable from playing daily fantasy basketball. With that being said, because you are going to have the chance to win a good amount of money each night, you can start building a bankroll and put your daily winnings to use and in turn make even more money than in your typical full season fantasy basketball league.

Always A Game Going

NBA ScheduleGood luck trying to find a reliable full season fantasy league that runs year in and year out without teams dropping out rules changing, etc...

With Daily Fantasy Basketball, if there are games being played, there are leagues to join - it is as simple as that. Not only are several sites to play at online, but most sites have different styles of games, a variety of stakes and league sizes and even other sports to check out. Say goodbye to the hassles of full season fantasy basketball and hello to making money every day.

Huge Promotions

Daily Fantasy Basketball PromotionsIf the chance at winning money every day simply for playing fantasy basketball isn't enough to convince you to try daily fantasy basketball, then maybe the huge promotions are.

Sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings are giving away Millions of Dollars and a chance to get paid big time in exchange for your fantasy basketball knowledge. You can't make a big score like this in your full season fantasy basketball league - again it comes down to the opportunity to win more money.

As you can see, there are huge advantages to playing daily fantasy basketball instead of or in addition to your full season fantasy basketball leagues. The bottom line is daily fantasy games provide DAILY fun and the chance to win money every day there are games. And in the end, isn't that what fantasy sports are really all about? Time to make the switch.

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