What Is Daily Fantasy Basketball? - Play Fantasy NBA For Money

What Is Daily Fantasy Basketball?

Daily Fantasy BasketballDaily Fantasy Basketball takes a Fantasy NBA basketball season and condenses it into one day's worth of fantasy play.

Imagine not having to worry about picking a top fantasy basketball player only to have him get injured and miss the rest of the NBA season? Daily fantasy basketball lets you set a lineup for just one particular day, set what type of games you want to play and how many opponents you want to play against and within minutes you can be playing daily fantasy basketball for money.

The great thing about Daily Fantasy Basketball is that it makes watching basketball much more exciting and adds to your knowledge of the teams and players involved.

Forget Crappy Free Fantasy Basketball Contests

Forget the old ways of playing fantasy basketball by joining big corporate sites such as Yahoo Fantasy, ESPN or CBS Sports Fantasy and playing against thousands of fantasy players for one grand prize or secondary prizes such as magazine subscriptions or t-shirts, all the while being committed to every single basketball game whether you like the game or not.

With daily fantasy basketball it is all about the MONEY and the FREEDOM!

Play Fantasy Basketball The Way YOU Want To Play

Probably the best thing about Daily Fantasy Basketball is that you control the type of contest or pool you play in. You have the ultimate decision on when to play, with who to play and how to play.

YOU Choose When

You can choose which days you want to play optimizing your intimate knowledge of basketball games to better take advantage of lesser fantasy players. Only feel like watching basketball on the weekend? Then just play fantasy games on Saturday and Sunday! Play every day or just when you feel like it. You can even play just the "late games" if that is your thing.

YOU Choose With Who

Rather play against a few opponents or friends? You choose the number of players. In fact, the number of players you face can be as low as 1 in head to head games, which greatly increases your odds of winning each and every day that you play. Yet, if you feel like scoring a huge grand prize, there are multiplayer tournaments available with 100 or more players.

YOU Choose How

Some sites only offer Salary Cap style games for daily fantasy basketball, but some sites offer a variety of fantasy games such as Snake Drafts or Pick 'EM that you can choose from that best represent your skill at creating a winning daily fantasy basketball lineup.

Buy-ins can range from as little as a freeroll or $1 up to $500 entry fees which pay out big bucks.

YOU Choose Where

WIth the increasing popularity of Daily Fantasy Basketball, games are now available to play at many sites...and the list is growing each month.

There are many Daily Fantasy Basketball sites but the Top 2 places that you need to play are:


- Exclusive NBA Partner

- Super Wednesdays HUGE Fantasy Contests


- World Fantasy Basketball Championship

- Partnered with 8 NBA teams

If you Play Daily Fantasy Football you will have seen tons of commercials on TV for both FanDuel and DraftKings so if you are huge into fantasy basketball, you need to join one or even both and take advantage of the big money contests that they offer every week!

We hope this answers the question as to "What is Daily Fantasy Basketball?".

If you love playing fantasy basketball, forget all those crappy free contests that are next to impossible to win - check out what all the hype is about when it comes to playing daily fantasy basketball for real money.

It is time to make the switch to Daily Fantasy Basketball. This is your time to make the money - don't let someone else win the games that you should be winning!

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