Top Forwards 2012-2013 NBA Fantasy Basketball Preview

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2012 - 2013 NBA PREVIEW:
Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Forwards

It's time to take a look at the Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Forwards for the 2012-2013 NBA season. These rankings include both power forwards and small forwards, and of course those talented players that do a little bit of a both.

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Miami Heat LogoLebron James (PF - Miami Heat)

What is there to say about Lebron James? He has the potential to play all five positions on the court, and is an absolute terror for opposing teams. He is probably the best player in the NBA right now and he can light up the scoreboard and the fantasy stat sheet as well. Expect triple doubles for James, but almost nightly double-double's at a bare minimum from this fantasy superstar.

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoKevin Durant (SF - Oklahoma City Thunder)

If there's a race with Lebron James for best player in the NBA, then Kevin Durant is that option. Durant can do it all, and is a threat every night to score 40+ points. His team relies on him to step up big time, and I think that he has a serious chance to be the MVP of the league in 2012-2013. Don't overlook the chance to jump on Durant with top pick in this year's fantasy basketball drafts.

Minnesota Timberwolves LogoKevin Love (C / PF - Minnesota Timberwolves)

Love is a double-double machine, and a consistent triple-double threat. The Minnesota Timberwolves are also an incredibly improved team who have the potential to make a push on the playoffs and possibly win a series or two in 2012-2013. Their offense is going to go through Love, and I think that he'll be one of the best fantasy big men in the NBA this season.

Atlanta Hawks LogoJosh Smith (PF - Atlanta Hawks)

Josh Smith is the type of player who does it all from rebounding, passing, scoring, blocking shots, and much more. Smith is going to be a great pick in the first round for anyone who misses out on Lebron, Love, or Durant, and he's going to light up the fantasy stat sheet for you as well. Smith seems ready to dominate at forward after saying he's happy with the Hawks as well.

Portland Trailblazers LogoLaMarcus Aldridge (C / PF - Portland Trailblazers)

LaMarcus Aldridge is the type of young player that fantasy basketball owners absolutely love. He's going to live up to the hype in 2012-2013 too, and I think that he could be one of the most dominant forwards in the NBA, and that will make him one of the top forwards in fantasy basketball as well.

Sacramento Kings LogoDeMarcus Cousins (C / F - Sacramento Kings)

Cousins has had some character issues with the Kings, but late last season he started really stepping his game up. He was putting up huge numbers from a fantasy perspective late in the year, and those are going to carry over to 2012-2013. Cousins may fall a bit in fantasy drafts as well, so you could be looking at a sleeper at the forward position. You may also find him undervalued in daily fantasy.

Utah Jazz LogoAl Jefferson (C / F - Utah Jazz)

Jefferson is the big name of the two big men in Utah, and he's going to have a huge season in 2012-2013. The Jazz are going to look to continue to work that inside game, and while they do have quite a few mouths to feed, Jefferson will get the bulk of the work inside and will get it done.

New York Knicks LogoCarmelo Anthony (SF - New York Knicks)

Carmelo hasn't had things go exactly his way through his time in New York. He and the Knicks are both hoping that they can turn things around this season, and New York is going to have to rely on 'Melo to get the job done. And while he may not be racking up assists, he'll be scoring and getting quite a few rebounds for your fantasy team.

Utah Jazz LogoPaul Millsap (PF - Utah Jazz)

Millsap is definitely looking like he could be flying under the radar quite a bit with Al Jefferson as the big man who may get the bulk of the attention. Have no fear though, because from a fantasy perspective, Millsap is going to be an absolute monster. Don't overthink drafting him if he falls to you in a great spot in your fantasy basketball draft and pay attention to his value each day in daily fantasy games.

Memphis Grizzlies LogoRudy Gay (SF - Memphis Grizzlies)

Rudy Gay is probably one of the most gifted athletes in the NBA. Fortunately for fantasy basketball fans, this is going to transition to some big stats for Gay. He can score, rebound, pass, and pretty much do it all. I love Gay from a fantasy basketball angle as well in 2012-2013.

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