Top Forwards 2017-2018 NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball

2017 - 2018 NBA Season
Top 10 NBA Forwards for DFS

Giannis Antetokounmpo Top Daily Fantasy ForwardToday’s NBA Forwards have evolved for the most part to more rounded players and thanks to that evolution, DFS basketball players setting lineups at DraftKings can expect better fantasy points. We have partnered with DraftKings to be able to offer you top promos when they come along.

Although there are still the big men like Anthony Davis and Paul George, a lot of guys can now sink the 3 and make nice outlet passes to the guards getting them assists that they wouldn’t have had in the past. Throw in stats like rebounds, blocks and points that big men have always had and you can see why Top NBA Forwards for Fantasy Basketball now come at a premium.

The Forwards listed below are the top 10 forwards in the NBA for fantasy basketball purposes. We ranked them more for daily fantasy basketball players because – well that’s where you can win the most money playing fantasy basketball leagues.

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2017/2018 Top NBA Fantasy Forwards for DraftKings

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (F - Milwaukee Bucks)

Slowly the Greek Freak has been moving up the rankings of Top NBA Fantasy Forwards and this year he is poised to take over the #1 spot. Giannis fills up the score sheet as the main guy for the Bucks and this fantasy NBA season you can count on him to help your DraftKings lineups each night.

2. Anthony Davis (F - New Orleans Pelicans )

If Davis was a lock to stay healthy he would be everyone’s Top NBA Forward…but he can’t. In a league where big men are dying off Davis continues to dominate when healthy and the fantasy points at DraftKings are through the roof most nights. He is however always an expensive fantasy pick so choose your spots wisely.

3. LeBron james (F - Cleveland Cavaliers)

LeBron gets a bump in the rankings this year because he will have to take on more of a scorer role with Kyrie leaving town. With Thomas’ injury being an uncertainty I see James basically taking over games and not dishing off to anyone to try to win games on his own.

4. Kawhi Leonard (F - San Antonio Spurs)

The Spurs are no doubt Kawhi Leonard’s team and that was evident when he was injured and knocked out of the NBA playoffs. Leonard will be fine for the start of the season and will get back to being a solid fantasy player once again.

5. Paul George (F - Indiana Pacers)

George has two things going for him – he has a new team with the reigning MVP dishing to him and he’s in a contract year. George will be a monster for fantasy players this year possibly putting up career numbers.

6. Kevin Durant (F - Oklahoma City Thunder)

Keeping the band together going for a repeat championship, Durant only really saw a dip in his scoring numbers with all the rest staying the same. Look for similar numbers to last year and since he will be pricey, pick your spots when you choose to roster him.

7. DeMarcus Cousins (F - New Orleans Pelicans)

Cousins can be slotted as either a Forward or a Center so you may want to decide where he suits you best in your DFS basketball lineups. He’s a free agent after this season and has reportedly lost some weight so look for him to be a powerful 1-2 punch with Anthony Davis.

8. Kristaps Porzingis (F - New York Knicks)

Porzingis had a better sophomore year in the NBA although missed a bunch of games with injuries. If he stays healthy he should continue to improve his game and if Melo gets traded at some point you could possibly really see his fantasy numbers take off.

9. Gordon Hayward (F - Boston Celtics)

The Celtics are a bit of a rebuilt team. When Hayward signed he expected to play with Isaiah Thomas but with the big trade he gets Kyrie as his floor general. Hayward’s numbers will depend on how much Kyrie feels like playing as a team or trying to prove that he’s the man. Regardless he is still a solid fantasy pick for your DraftKings lineups.

10. Carmelo Anthony (F - New York Knicks)

The first one to demand a trade is the one that probably won’t get traded. Anthony is pretty one dimensional as a player with scoring being his only thing but he may want to showcase his skills early in the season to bring up his trade value and get himself out of NY finally.

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