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2017 - 2018 NBA Season
Top 10 Daily Fantasy Basketball Guards

Russell WestBrook Top Daily Fantasy Basketball GuardOne of the most expensive DFS lineup positions at a site like FanDuel is the Guard position. Top NBA Guards will fill up a fantasy basketball stat sheet night after night with categories like points, assists, steals, and rebounds being where they will score you the fantasy points you need to win cash at a fantasy basketball league for money.

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Our list of Top NBA Guards for fantasy basketball can be used for both DFS games and season long fantasy basketball leagues that you may still be in.

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2017/2018 Top NBA Fantasy Basketball Guards for FanDuel

1. Russell Westbrook (PG - Oklahoma City Thunder)

We liked him last year as the number 1 NBA Fantasy Guard and this year we still like him as the top NBA Guard for all fantasy basketball lineups. He may not score 42 double/doubles again with the arrival of Paul George but he will still be a fantasy stud regardless.

2. James Harden (PG/SG - Houston Rockets)

Still easily the other Best NBA Fantasy Guard, Harden will lose some assists with Chris Paul now in town but the Rockets offense will still be high scoring and Harden will be the leader. A solid FanDuel play every night!

3. Stephen Curry (PG - Golden State warriors)

As predicted, Curry’s numbers went done when Durant came to town. No worries, he still slots in as a top 3 guard in the NBA and will reward you each night you toss him in a DFS lineup.

4. John Wall (PG - Washington Wizards)

Fresh off a new contract, John Wall will be making his push to make the Wizards a contender for the Finals in 2018. He is a double – double threat with 20+ points a night and 10+ assists a night and will be a solid anchor for your teams.

5. Damian Lillard (PG - Portland Trailblazers)

I loved taking Lillard last year because he and CJ McCollum are a solid 1-2 punch on a team that has little else to offer. Lillard can win you a fantasy contest by himself on a given night and he’s usually a lower cost option for DFS players.

6. Chris Paul (PG - Houston Rockets)

Paul has always been a fantasy star in both DFS lineups at FanDuel and for regular NBA Fantasy Basketball leagues. This year Paul will get to dish the ball to Harden on a nightly basis and the scoring numbers will be one of the tops in the NBA. Take Paul and be happy.

7. Jimmy Butler (G - Minnesota Timberwolves)

Look for Butler’s assist numbers to go up from last year but he isn’t the top dog for the Timberwolves. Butler will still be a fantasy stud on a nightly basis but his points numbers will decrease this year.

8. Kyrie Irving (PG - Boston Celtics)

Kyrie gets his wish! He is now THE MAN in Boston and the offense will run through him. He has a solid team around him which will be making a run to the NBA finals and Kyrie will be on a mission to prove to everyone that he was right in demanding a trade.

9. Kyle Lowry (PG - Toronto raptors)

Lowry and Derozen are a lethal 1-2 punch for the Raptors and the offense runs through both of them. Lowry is prone to bad shooting nights but he can also fill up a stat sheet in massive ways with steals, assists and rebounds with the 3-pointer raining down too. He’s usually priced well considering what the others on this list are so pick him in spots where the Raptors will be in a shootout.

10. Kemba Walker (PG - Charlotte Hornets)

Walker doesn’t have a lot of talent around him but if Dwight Howard can regain some form and Top NBA Rookie Malik Monk can contribute then Kemba Walker should once again be a Top NBA Guard for the 2017-2018 season.

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